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Octopath Traveler launch trailer – Eight travelers. Eight adventures. Eight reasons to buy this game.

by Ron Duwell | July 15, 2018July 15, 2018 11:00 am EDT

Since I first laid eyes on Octopath Traveler back during the Nintendo Switch reveal last year, I knew it had to be mine. Octopath Traveler speaks worlds to those who grew up in an age when JRPGs like Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger dominated the video game industry and revolutionized how it told stories.

And now it is here. I bring to you, the Octopath Traveler launch trailer, directly from our friends at Square Enix and Nintendo. This extensive look provides a deep enough glance into this classically stylized game to show that it is more than just a throwback. Mechanically speaking, it strives to bring a more modern approach to its combat and character progression than the relatively simple mechanics of the games that inspired it.

The 16-bit graphics merely act as a beautiful exterior shell. Don’t be fooled. This might look like you Daddy’s JRPGs, but it won’t strictly play like them.

I’m pumped beyond pumped. The game is available now for the Nintendo Switch at the standard asking price of $59.99, and I’ve already grabbed pre-order. We’ll deliver our thoughts and ideas on the final product later this week, should I find a few free hours to lose myself to nostalgic memories of my early teens.

Seriously it’s summer vacation time, right now! How else are you supposed to spend your time besides being whisked away into a JRPG adventure?


Ron Duwell