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Snake Eyes G.I. Joe Origins movie kicks off filming in Tokyo

by Sean P. Aune | January 10, 2020January 10, 2020 10:31 am EST

Snake Eyes: G.I Joe Origins has rolled into Tokyo, Japan to kick-off filming on the third film in the franchise.

Paramount announced on Friday that the cast and crew of Snake Eyes took part in a blessing at Hie-jinja Shrine in Tokyo, a tradition for starting a new endeavor. Stunt Coordinator Kenji Tanigaki, Andrew Koji (Storm Shadow), Haruka Abe (Akiko), Henry Golding (Snake Eyes), Director Robert Schwentke, Iko Uwais (Hard Master), and Takehiro Hira (Kenta) were all in attendance. Not in attendance were Samara Weaving (Scarlett) and Úrsula Corberó (The Baroness).

The film will reportedly deal heavily with Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow during their time training in the Arashikage ninja clan and what led to them being sworn enemies. The inclusion of Scarlett and The Baroness, however, makes it sound as though the origin portion will be told as flashback.

Snake Eyes is going to be shooting rather rapidly as the film is due to hit theaters on Oct. 23, so we’re imagining there isn’t a lot of post-production to be done on this film. But by any measure, 10 months still feels like a tight schedule for a film of this scale.

This film marks the first of many projects between Hasbro and Paramount, so hopefully it’s the beginning of a great new stage in the partnership.



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