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PlayStation 5 controller leaks – “Please do not share this”

by Joey Davidson | January 6, 2020January 6, 2020 10:30 am EST

The PlayStation 5 controller, likely named some version of “DualShock,” has leaked thanks to an image shared on social media. This might actually be our first look at the PS5 controller, too, so take it in. Especially take in the hilarity of the leak itself, while you’re at it.

According to the post shared on social media, and then uploaded to Reddit in screenshot form, someone who usually cleans up for work spotted the PlayStation 5 devkit and started snapping shots. Some of those pictures featured the PlayStation 5 controller in all its glory. You can see that screenshot and then separated versions of the collaged images in the gallery below, courtesy of the folks at VG247. Dig in.

We can’t get enough of the note that accompanies the linked image. Patrick, so the poster appears to be named, explains that this is his first time cleaning the PS5 “prototype” and that he occasionally cleans at “U,” which we assume means university. Then, our favorite bit, the “Please do not share this” line as he signs off… while sharing it on social media. Nice, Patrick. Nailed it.

At first blush, the largest change visually on this controller is the width of the pad on the front. It seems wider than what we have with the PlayStation 4 version. However, internet rumblings suggest that the controller is larger than previous designs and features USB-C (thank goodness).

The PlayStation 5 is set to drop later in 2020, so expect a lot more news as the year rolls on.


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