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BotBots Series 3 – The holidays get micro

by Sean P. Aune | January 8, 2020January 8, 2020 4:54 pm EST

The BotBots are back. The latest expansion to the Transformers line from Hasbro has returned with a third series of figures. This wraps up the 2019 lineup, and now 2020 is looking at another 190 figures… and something top secret.

With BotBots series 3 wrapping up, now we’re looking to the future and the introduction of the Goldrush Games.

All the BotBots tribes will compete to be named most mischievous and win one of the shiny, gold trophy bots from the Winner’s Circle tribe!

Yes, gold BotBots are on the way and they’re going to be just as rare as you might imagine them to be.

Which tribe will come out on top? Lets just stay tuned to find out!



Sean P. Aune

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