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Captain Marvel Trailer: Here’s When You Can Watch It

by Brandon Russell | September 14, 2018September 14, 2018 5:30 pm EDT

Fans eagerly awaiting the first action-packed trailer for Captain Marvel won’t have to wait much longer, as Marvel Studios could release the first trailer as early as next week.

Now, there’s been no confirmation from Marvel that a trailer is going to drop, but new evidence highly suggests it’s going to happen.

According to a press release from Good Morning America, Brie Larson is scheduled to appear on the show on Tuesday, September 18, where she’s expected to discuss the upcoming film. At the end of her appearance, that’s when the trailer will allegedly drop.

Just because Larson is appearing on the show, however, doesn’t mean we’ll finally see footage from the movie. Larson could simply let audiences know that she’s playing a superhero and explain the character’s background.

More likely, she’ll be there to hype a trailer, according to the Marvel Studios Reddit community, which apparently found a (since deleted) call sheet confirming the trailer’s existence.

Marvel has slowly started hyping the release Captain Marvel by sharing new pictures and details about the film. What better way to keep the hype train rolling than with a trailer?



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