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The Dark Knight will be Released in IMAX to Celebrate its 10th Anniversary

by Ron Duwell | July 19, 2018July 19, 2018 9:30 am EDT

Ten years have come and gone since The Dark Knight was delivered unto us from rare places within the creative depths of Hollywood. Ten long, dragging years of cinematic universes, fan-service superhero films, reboots, and revivals. Today’s focus on light-hearted action adventures and nerd fantasies elevate the uncompromising themes of Christopher Nolan’s chaotic vision and further cement The Dark Knight’s legacy as a true masterpiece of cinema, not just comic book cinema, that will never be rivaled so long as cinema is dictated by committee rather than an auteur director.

In ten years, nothing has come close… except maybe Mad Max. And now, you get to see it all over again as it was intended to be seen, in glorious IMAX. Select theaters will be running the film for a week starting on August 24 to celebrate ten years since Hollywood set itself a new standard.

  • AMC Lincoln Square, New York
  • AMC Metreon, San Francisco
  • AMC Universal Citywalk, Universal City, California
  • Ontario Place Cinesphere, Toronto

Tickets will be available from tomorrow, Friday, July 20.

Each location provides a true IMAX experience, but several of them employ the use of IMAX with Laser, two 4K DLP laser projectors designed to create better images than traditional IMAX. This technology did not exist when The Dark Knight was created, and while it might deliver a sharper image, it’s worth a mention that Christopher Nolan supports viewing films on actual film.

Nolan specifically chose IMAX cameras to film six of the film’s most iconic scenes, including the opening heist and the high speed chase through Gotham, in which, lest we forget, Nolan and his team flipped an 18-wheel truck in a downtown city…

…all for the purpose of cinema.