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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Trailer Sees the Long-Awaited Return to the War

by Danny Zepeda | July 20, 2018July 20, 2018 9:30 am EDT

After five long years of waiting, Star Wars: The Clone Wars is making its triumphant return after its abrupt cancellation back in 2013. Fans largely felt the series ended without a worthy conclusion and called for at least one more episode to end the series. As luck would have it, Lucasfilm is giving them 12 more episodes that will conclude the series in a satisfactory manner.

The news was announced at the Comic Con 10th Anniversary panel of Clone Wars along with an accompanying trailer that gives us a look at the returning cast of characters. The trailer is short and offers nothing more than a glimpse, but we’ll take it.

“A war left unfinished…until now,” reads the trailer before taking us into a rebel base where Anakin Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi, Captain Rex, and Ahsoka are briefly seen and share an awkward exchange. Last we saw Ahsoka—Anakin’s Padawan—she was kicked out of Jedi order and was on her own, but it seems she will be reunited with her Master.

The concluding 12-episode arc will revolve around the Siege of Mandalore, which was originally the main storyline for the sixth season before the show was cancelled.

Disney will release the final 12 episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars in 2019 through its own streaming service.


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