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Here’s the First Trailer for SyFy’s New Show Based on George R.R. Martin Story

by Brandon Russell | July 20, 2018July 20, 2018 11:30 am EDT

The SyFy Channel this week unveiled the first trailer for Nightflyers, a new horror series based on a George R.R. Martin novella. The upcoming show, set to premier this fall, will follow an intrepid crew as they venture deeper into space than humanity has ever been.

SyFy describes Nightflyers as a “psychological thriller,” and the trailer certainly reflects that. It starts by setting up the show’s premise: the Earth is dying and the only chance of survival is to venture deep into space. But things go badly once the mission gets underway, unfolding a dark mystery with millions of lives on the line.

The deeper in space the crew appears to go, the more dangerous the mission becomes. There are a lot of hints that a physical threat is onboard the ship, though nothing is actually shown. It looks very intriguing and the trailer does a wonderful job of not giving too much away.

Look at for Nightflyers to be released this fall.


Brandon Russell

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