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Welcome to The Nerdy

by Sean P. Aune | July 10, 2018July 10, 2018 12:00 pm EDT

Thank you for visiting, and welcome to The Nerdy.

The Nerdy is the first sister site launched by TechnoBuffalo, a site that has been serving the consumer electronics community for nearly a decade. With The Nerdy, we are expanding some of the most popular areas of that site into its own entity and bringing you even more of the news you enjoy.

This site will most definitely focus on all of the coverage you would expect such as comic books, toys, movies, genre television and so on, but we plan on going beyond that as well. Our directive to our content creators has been, “if you’re nerdy about it, you can create content about it.” With that in mind, it wouldn’t be out of line for you to see us discuss food, or genres of music and so on. Being nerdy is a possibility for any field of interest, and we encourage that.

As time goes on, we will also encourage our readers to participate and share their passions with us. Do you have a huge collection of Transformers you want to show the world? We’ll invite you to share pictures with us that we can then in turn share with our audience. But at the same time, do you have a massive collection of belt buckles? Coca-Cola? Vinyl albums? You get the idea.

The Nerdy welcomes you and your passions. While it may not be an obvious passion at first, they are all valid and welcomed here.

We hope you enjoy The Nerdy and will stick around as we continue to grow.

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Sean P. Aune

Sean Aune has been a pop culture aficionado since before there was even a term for pop culture. From the time his father brought home Amazing