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What I’m Nerdy About

by Jon Rettinger | July 10, 2018July 10, 2018 9:00 am EDT

I know it won’t come as a giant shock that I’m a huge tech nerd.

Before the TechnoBuffalo days, when I was stressed or just had a long day, I’d walk around Best Buy to relax. While I still love to geek out about tech, there’s more that I’m nerdy about… and at its core that’s what this new site is all about. Having a platform to talk about the other things in life we’re passionate about. Some of you may know me, some may not, but here are the things I’m habitually reading about, researching, and talking to anyone who will listen about.


As a kid (and I’m kinda ashamed to admit) I collected comic books. Not like “oh I just had a few over the years,” I’m talking seven crates worth. I used to call comic shops all over the country to find out when they had certain issues in. I remember writing a letter (the old school kind) to Wolfie’s Comics in Potomac, Maryland because they somehow got X-Men before our shop here in SoCal.

I read each book so much nothing is of any value now, the spines are all worn, the pages torn, and every issue was loved, read, and slightly abused. Even now, I still have Marvel Unlimited and sneak in some new issues when I have time. I love comics and have already started sharing them with my kids.

Superhero movies

This shouldn’t be a giant surprise given the above, but seeing my childhood heros on the big screen is still an awesome feeling. It’s like living my childhood dream each time a new movie is released. Even the bad ones, I watch, read about, obsess over rumors, and swap theories with Sean and the rest of the TechnoBuffalo/The Nerdy staff.

Huge shoutout to my wife for always going to see these with me… although I think she doesn’t mind as much when Chris Hemsworth or Evans are on screen. It doesn’t stop there. I never miss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Arrow, Flash, and the rest. It’s an outlet for me to escape reality for a bit, and the passion I had a kid somehow burns just as brightly now.


When I’m not scouring the web for movie news, I’m usually reading about cars. I’m not the kind of gearhead that can rebuild a transmission (although I have tried…and failed) I’m more the type to obsess over the what’s coming out next kind of car nerd. I love car design and the tech that makes it work. I’m currently fascinated with alternate fuels (Ev’s Hydrogen, etc) and what makes them whir. Out of the six websites I check every morning, two are car focused.


If you follow me on Twitter (jon4lakers) this won’t be a huge shocker, but I love sports, always have. I’m an LA guy and a loyal fan of my local clubs. My dad took me to Laker games during the tail end of the Magic and Kareem days and I was hooked for life. I’m a Rams season ticket holder (is it September yet?) and own two different Angels jerseys. I wish I could get into hockey, but I didn’t grow up watching it, so my passion just isn’t there. When I scroll through my personal Facebook feed, it’s about 80% sports… and if recent news means anything, no one knows more about you than Facebook.

So that’s me. What about you? What are you nerdy about? We won’t judge. Let us know, let me know, and let your geek flag fly!


Jon Rettinger

Nerd at heart, Buffalo by name, and a proud