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Epic Arrowverse Crossover to Feature Superman and Brand New Character

by Danny Zepeda | August 23, 2018August 23, 2018 3:30 pm EDT

The epic three-night Arrowverse crossover featuring The Flash, Green Arrow, and Supergirl is also going to feature a familiar DC character while introducing a brand new one.

The CW’s crossover in December will introduce Batwoman, who will be portrayed by Ruby Rose, while establishing her own spin-off series that is expected to premiere some time next year.

Batwoman was the only character expected to debut in this crossover, but executive producers Jessica Queller and Robert Rovner announced that it will also introduce Lois Lane to the Arrowverse. The Arrowverse has danced around the Lois Lane character for a while, introducing her sister Lucy Lane and her father General Lane in Supergirl, but is now ready to debut the character for the first time.

“We couldn’t be more excited to introduce Lois Lane to the Arrowverse,” said Queller and Rovner. “This dogged, determined and brave reporter will make for a strong partner to Superman and amazing addition to our universe of DC characters.”

It wouldn’t have been a proper Lois Lane introduction without Superman, for which Tyler Hoechlin is returning to reprise the role of the famed superhero he portrayed in Supergirl. He will be a part of all three episodes in the crossover, marking the first time Superman shares screen time with Flash and Green Arrow in the Arrowverse.

The Arrowverse crossover event will take place over three nights with the first episode airing Sunday December 9 at 8 p.m.



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