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Star Wars Episode IX filming location possibly revealed

by Sean P. Aune | July 5, 2018July 5, 2018 7:30 am EDT

A rumored Star Wars Episode IX filming location may give us a rather large clue as to one of the possible familiar planets we’ll visit in the film.

The Cardington Airship Sheds in Bedfordshire, England have twice appeared in Star Wars films, doubling as a familiar location. Originally used in the 1970s as the hangar bays of theย Massassi Temple on Yavin IV in A New Hope, the sheds then appeared again Rogue One: A Star Wars Story as the same locale.

An English airship historian, and self-confessed Star Wars fan, Travor Monk was the first to reveal that Rogue One was filming at this location some years ago. Now, it appears, he is seeing similar activity at the Airship Sheds that he did just a few years ago.

First, he posted to Twitter.

He then went on to clarify his information with Star Wars News Net, saying that he had heard from several employees that it was indeed Star Wars. โ€œHearing Episode IX will have parts filmed at Shed 2 at Cardington. Heard from three different people so far,โ€ he said. Monk went on to add, โ€œOne works there and said he wouldnโ€™t say โ€” but clued me well. The others are contacts separate from the first person saying the same. Nothing physical yet to show.โ€

Star Wars Episode IX filming location could be anything

Star Wars Episode IX filming location

Yavin IV set in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

To be completely fair, the Cardington Airship Sheds are blank canvases. While the only use of these sheds in Star Wars lore has been as the Yavin IV base, that doesn’t mean there isn’t another idea in mind. The sheds have been used by numerous film productions ย for various settings.

It is only natural that Star Wars fans would think of Yavin IV in thise case, but with the eay The Last Jedi ended, it seems unlikely the Resistance would want to return to any of its known bases for fear of Kyle Ren knowing those locations. That being said, Poe Dameron was born on Yavin IV, so he may want to return home.

Only time will tell, but this is the first sign we’re entering that exciting time that surrounds every Star Wars film where the tinniest details are enough to ignite our imaginations.


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