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Funko Introduces New Venom, Knight Rider, Marvel, and More

by Sean P. Aune | July 29, 2018July 29, 2018 10:00 am EDT

Funko is back with another week of products. This time around there are some fun new concepts.

Kicking off this week Funko celebrates the 30th anniversary of Venom with his own series of Pop! figures. Beyond Venom and Carnage, there’s a fun look at the symbiote taking over some other characters from the Marvel universe.

And, of course, there are some exclusives.

  • Venomized Black Panther will exclusively be at GameStop
  • Walmart will have the Venomized Ghost Rider
  • Venomized Loki Pop! available exclusively at Target
  • Carnage with axes for hands is available exclusively at FYE


Coraline is coming to Pop! figures. The only variation you need to worry about is a 1-in-6 chase figure of Coraline in her raincoat and with a hat.

Little Shop of Horrors

Little Shop… Little Shop of Horrors… Bop-shu-bop…

Audrey II is on her way with the main humans of the film. There will be a 1-in-6 chase of the killer plant with a bloody variant. Baby Audrey will be a Target exclusive.

There will also be a SuperCute  Plush of everyone’s singing plant on sale at Hot Topic.


The Gremlins will see a couple new Pop! figures as well as a Vynl set.

Knight Rider

Michael… I seem to have turned into a Pop!

A Pop! Ride of Michael Knight in K.I.T.T. is on the way.

During Comic-Con, Funko did make a few announcements that got lost in the shuffle.

Marvel Studios 10th Anniversary

Similar to the gold posters, you’ll find gold chrome versions of the key Marvel Characters. Star-Lord will be a Box Lunch exclusive.

Spider-Man Game

Four Pop! figures will be coming based on the excellent looking upcoming Spider-Man game.


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