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Final Fantasy X Fan Celebrates 17th Anniversary with a 10,000 Piece LEGO Bahamut

by Ron Duwell | July 28, 2018July 28, 2018 12:00 pm EDT

Has it really been seventeen years since Final Fantasy X launched? I can still remember feeling let down while walking from the store after it had sold out, just to have the manager shout to me that he had found a box that he had overlooked. One of those “right time, right place” moments you get in your life, and it was totally worth it.

Final Fantasy X is awesome, one of the highlights of the venerated series.

And so is this superfan, Marius Herrmann, who celebrated his love for Tidus’ and Yuna’s adventure by creating a 10,000+ LEGO model of Bahamut, king of dragons and the final Aeon Yuna must pray to in the storyline.

As explained, the model consists of over 10,000 pieces, including some that LEGO has not utilized for nearly a decade. It measures three feet wide, and it took Herrmann six months to design and build.

Man, if only I didn’t play so much Final Fantasy, I could have the talent to do something like that.