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Even Aquaman’s Family Prefers Batman and Wonder Woman

by Danny Zepeda | July 27, 2018July 27, 2018 1:30 pm EDT

Last week during San Diego Comic-Con, the first official trailer for Aquaman debuted, giving us our first glimpse at the magical underwater world James Wan is building. Prior to this, Aquaman star Jason Momoa screened the trailer to a much tougher audience: his children.

The big point of contention between Momoa and his children is that they prefer other non-Aquaman superheroes. His eight-year-old son prefers Batman while his 11-year-old daughter has an affinity for Wonder Woman. In screening the trailer for them, Momoa hoped it would tip the scales in his favor and Aquaman would become their new favorite superhero.

Did it work?

“They were supposed to go to bed at nine,” said Momoa. “They ended up going to bed at 11, and they were just beating me up. I have this picture of my son, who taped sticks together to make his own trident. It’s amazing.”

DC hopes Aquaman will have a similar effect on other comic book fans as the movie attempts to expose the character to a wider audience and put him in the same conversation as Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

Aquaman arrives in theaters December 21.



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