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Cotton Candy Cuties Hands-On – Scented, Slimy, Mystery Fun

by Sean P. Aune | May 18, 2019May 18, 2019 5:30 am EDT

We first encountered Zuru’s Cotton Candy Cuties at Toy Fair 2019, and we have to admit the texture of the slime got our attention. As you walk around Toy Fair you see a lot of slime. Different colors, different containers, and so on, but rarely do you see a completely different texture.

Immediately we were drawn to touch it and it does not disappoint. And as soon as you touch it, the more you want to keep touching it because it just feels awesome.

Zuru was kind enough to send over a few samples for us to try out in the comfort of our office, and we can see where this stuff may cause a reduction in our productivity.

Each package is shaped like a traditional cotton candy treat with clear labeling as to what scent you’re going to get. The color of the container does correspond to the color of slime you’ll get, but has no impact on the toy you’ll find inside. The tags on the handle also let you know what they smell like, and trust us, they do smell as advertised.


After peeling off the outer layer you’ll find the slime is contained in a bag, and then within the slime is another bag… and within that bag is plastic container with the Cutie in it. Lets just say your Cutie is well protected.

We will say, the slime needs some time to warm up in your hands to get properly stretchy. At first it is a bit flaky and little bits will fall off here and there. It’s easily picked up and put back into the slime ball, however.

It’s a fun twist on both the blind packaging and slime crazes going on right now in the toy industry.

The Cotton Candy Cuties are currently available from both Amazon and Walmart. You can also pick up just the slime if you prefer to skip the Cutie.

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