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Zuru at Toy Fair: Rainbocorns and so many surprises

by Sean P. Aune | February 23, 2019February 23, 2019 9:30 am EST

Zuru had a spectacular 2018 thanks to the success of Rainbocorns, and it looks as though the company plans on expanding that phenomenon even more in 2019.

The Rainbocorns will be expanding this year with more styles and colors, and now llamas will be joining in on the fun as well. You will also be seeing more Boo-Boo Corns mini twins.

The big news, however, and an item we weren’t allowed to photograph, is the impending Gold Egg which will be a limited edition and retail for $49.99. It will be called the Big Bow Surprise and will contain a huge haul of surprises. Keep an eye out for it because it will be truly limited!

Beyond the Rainbocorns, Zuru will also be launching Coco Cones which have a plush on top with surprises hidden down in the cone.

The Cotton Candy Cuties will have the surprises wrapped in a substance which simulates cotton candy but can be played with again and again. We got to play with a sample and it is truly amazing how much it acts like cotton candy.

Mini Brands will be a new style of 5 Surprise that will feature miniature versions of brands you are familiar with and will be perfect for doll houses.

Our favorite item in the showroom, though, had to be the Smashers. These are eggs you can smash on a table and are built in such a way that you can rebuild them for endless fun. But then you get the dinosaur Smash Rex who can ‘eat’ the Smashers and ‘poop’ out the pieces and the surprise, and it just becomes addictive fun.

Pets Alive and Robo Alive are a lot of fun and will keep kids entertained for hours. When the llama gets going, watch out, he throws that head around like he just don’t care. There is a sloth coming to the Pets Alive line next year that we weren’t allowed to photograph, but trust us, he’s just as cute as you think he would be.

X-Shot is Zuru’s dart system, and after playing with a few of them, they’re just as good as the competition and quite a bit cheaper. We’ll be keeping an eye on these.

The surprise of the show had to be Bunch O’ Balloons. If you’ve ever had to fill balloons for a party, you will see how this works and wonder where it has been all your life. At just $14.99 to get started, even if you only have one party to do it’ll be worth your time to blow up eight balloons in one go.

Zuru has a lot of promising items on the horizon, and dont’ be surprised if Smash Rex doesn’t find it’s way to my desk.



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