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Spin Master at Toy Fair: Hatchimals add new friends, Bakugan is back

by Sean P. Aune | February 21, 2019February 21, 2019 3:30 pm EST

Spin Master has been on fire as of late thanks to product lines such as Hatchanimals, but it doesn’t appear it has any interest on just relying on one line to make a name for itself.

Bakugan has been reinvigorated, and it looks as though it could be bigger than ever. With over 200 different toys to collect, and 1 in 60 Diamond rarity, it appears this game is ready to come out fighting this year. In our short time with it, it was truly impressive how well all of the parts work together. Call it the cynic in me from overhyped 80s toys commercials, I am always impressed when things work as they should in the land of toys.

Hatchimals were everywhere in 2018, and the line is expanding this year with the introduction of Pixies. The first series will include beds in their blind packages with their accessories hidden underneath. The second series will come with dance floors because then it will be time for the Royal Snow Ball that both the Hatchimals and the Pixies will be attending this year.

Hatchtopia Life will also be happening this spring with the first series being the BFF series. Each egg will include 2 codes so you can share with your friends in the app game as well. And when series 2 comes along, prepare for glitter bombs. You will be able to visit your friends app account and glitter bomb their home while they’re not around to leave them a surprise.

Candylocks are an all-new line of dolls with a new twist on the blind box concept. Each doll has cotton candy hair, and the way it wraps around her in the package is what conceals her. So you know exactly what color hair you’ll be getting, but not the doll it’s attached to.

There will also be larger scale dolls which are not blind box packaged.

Lollipets and Off the Rack will also be joining in the fun this year, meaning Spin Master is going to have more product than you can shake a stick at, but there’s one more worth mentioning…

Prepare for Dragamonz. A combination of trading card game, blind box figures, a game app, and a YouTube animated series. This new line of creatures is going to take the world by storm this year, and we can see why. The sculping is dynamic and the cards look awesome.

Expect to hear a lot about this line this year.

All-in-all it looks like it’s going to be another huge year for Spin Master. And with the DC license joining its ranks in 2020, this company isn’t going to be slowing down any time soon.



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