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Mattel at Toy Fair: Barbie, Toy Story, DC, and more

by Sean P. Aune | February 21, 2019February 21, 2019 11:30 am EST

The DC comics line is wrapping up its tenure at Mattel in 2019. With the toy license to be split between Spin Master and McFarlane Toys beginning in 2020, this will be the final hurrah at Mattel.

First up, there will be additional 12-inch figures, a product that has become very popular at mass market retailers over the past few years. And the Shazam! toys are already hitting some store shelves, so keep an eye out for those.

There will be another Batman-themed Multiverse wave with Batman releasing alongside some of the greatest members of his rogue gallery.

Over in the Imaginext line from Fisher Price, there will be a new RC Batmobile that will retail for $80 and will transform as well as fire discs. The line will also see some new Batman figures celebrating Batman’s 80th anniversary. The multipack will be sold at Target while the single carded figures will be Walmart exclusives.

And wrapping things up is an all-new look for the DC Superhero Girls. This will be the one license to stay with Mattel past the 2020 changeover.

Barbie launched in 1959 meaning that this year marks the 60th anniversary of the doll and fashion icon. With loads of new body types, hairstyles, and additions, Barbie is truly representing all girls now it would seem.

And she still can have an awesome jet and helicopter to boot.

With a Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie on the way, it doesn’t feel like Barbie will have any issues reaching its 70th anniversary.

Mega Construx is a wide-ranging brand to be sure. From basic building, to action figures you build yourself, it covers a bit of everything it seems.

2019 will see the Pokemon portion of the line expand to include the Detective Pikachu movie with recreations of scenes from the film. Meanwhile, Breakout Beasts will be adding Crystal Creatures that add a softer side to the blind box and slime toy line.

Hot Wheels is a brand that seems as though it will be with us for eternity. New racing sets seemed to be the big news of this year, and one lone new Batmobile which is a mashup with the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine were on display.

Just like Barbie, a movie is supposedly on the way, so expect lots of Hot Wheels madness in the next few years.

Wrapping things up, Mattel has an extensive line of Toy Story 4 products on the way. From action figures to role-play items, you’ll be able to fully embrace the upcoming Disney film. Yes, you’ll even be able to role-play as Bo Peep.

Yeah, that one surprised us as well. Not the fact it’s Bo Peep, just that it’s a staff, but it’s kinda awesome.

Mattel looks as though it’s going to have a big year.



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