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Arcade1UP at Toy Fair: More arcade cabinets for your home

by Sean P. Aune | February 20, 2019February 20, 2019 11:30 am EST

Arcade1UP has taken the world of gaming by storm. What was once a pipe dream of owning an arcade cabinet in your home has become a very real possibility for many thanks to these shrunken down offerings. Even better, Arcade1UP is now going to give you even more options to keep adding fun to your home.

The already existing cabinet series is adding five more cabinets this year with Golden Tee, Mortal Kombat, Karate Champ, Final Fight, and Space Invaders.

Still not sure about a full cabinet? What about a counter top version? These new options will sell for $179 to $200, and one of the titles is now Dig Dug. So they’re pretty much guaranteed one sale now to yours truly.

Is there a chance you still need more convincing? What about a Wallcade? These new hanger units can go on doors or walls and will run you $229 to $239.

And now the ultimate 1980s cabinet, the cocktail cabinet is also an option. Yes, the video game cabinets you saw in bars and pizza parlors is coming home for $399 to $450 beginning this year.

The last new product is the light up marquees. Enjoy the header art of some of your favorite old cabinet games for just $50 and decorate your home like your favorite arcade.

Retro gaming has never felt so fun.



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