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Super Impulse at Toy Fair: So much fun in the palm of your hand

by Sean P. Aune | February 21, 2019February 21, 2019 1:30 pm EST

Super Impulse has found an interesting niche for itself in the world of toys. It continues to shrink toys of our childhood down to a pocket size so you can enjoy them anywhere you want.

This year Super Impulse is shrinking down games like Crocodile Dentist, coming out with the world’s smallest deck of Uno, and even making functional Super Soakers you can fit in your pocket. And if you really want to creep out your kids, a super tiny Elf on the Shelf is on the way as well. And if you want to play the blind box game, series 3 will be out this year.

The miniaturized Hot Wheels have done well for Super Impulse, and this year it will be coming out with a Super Set which includes the first four-track sets it released. A fifth track is on the way known as the Rod Runner.

The Micro Arcade line will be expanding with the additions of four new titles: Tetris, Q*Bert, Rolly X, and Pole Position.

And if that’s not challenging enough for you, you can always try the Tilt video game versions of Rubiks Cube and Tetris that will require to move the console in your hands to play the games.

It looks like another fun year at Super Impulse, but you really do wonder when it will run out of things to shrink down!



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