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xCloud: Official Details on Xbox’s Game Streaming Service

by Justin Herrick | June 9, 2019June 9, 2019 6:32 pm EDT

Later this year, Xbox games will be available on any device.

Microsoft announced that it’ll upload the entire catalog of titles from itself and other publishers to be accessible via the cloud. Anything in a user’s personal library or on Xbox Game Pass can be tapped into directly from an Xbox One. From smartphones to desktops and laptops to TVs, the Redmond-based company aims to expand accessibility by leveraging its own cloud-based infrastructure.

In some situations, your Xbox One can utilize the cloud’s capabilities to offload on-device processing. The end result is a flexible, more efficient experience.

xCloud will go against Google’s Stadia, which does a lot of the same for $9.99/mo.

Expect the new cloud-based features to start rolling out in October. It’ll only be in preview, but Microsoft continues showing itself to be very serious about next-generation gaming in this capacity.


Justin Herrick

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