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Someone Inserted Harrison Ford Into Solo: A Star Wars Story and It’s Harrowing

by Brandon Russell | October 17, 2018October 17, 2018 3:30 pm EDT

Solo: A Star Wars Story was marred by issues leading up to its release, not least of which was the firing of directors Christopher Lord and Phil Miller. But perhaps the biggest controversy was the casting of Alden Ehrenreich, a.k.a. not Harrison Ford.

While Ehrenreich did an admirable job of portraying one of Hollywood’s most iconic characters, there’s simply no replacing Ford—and this new video proves it.

Through the help of artificial intelligence, someone managed to create a trailer with Ford’s face over Ehrenreich’s body, essentially making him the star of Disney’s most recent Star Wars movie. It’s not completely seamless—and in some instances it looks downright creepy—but it works.

The video utilizes a process known as deep learning, which can create a comprehensive database of a person based on a collection of photos. The technology can replace someone’s face with a completely different person’s, as the video shows.

With a little more care and refinement, the possibilities for media are endless—and terrifying. If you showed me this trailer and said Harrison Ford was the star, I wouldn’t think twice. It’s that convincing.

You can judge for yourself in the video above.


Brandon Russell

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