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LA-MULANA 2 Reportedly Heading to Consoles, or at Least Xbox One

by Ron Duwell | August 14, 2018August 14, 2018 3:30 pm EDT

LA-MULANA 2 is out in the wild and tormenting those who dive into its depths with the promises of death beyond their wildest imaginations. The tough-as-nails “metroidvania” game is currently only available for the PC, but that could very well change after PAX West.

At least, the game is listed as an Xbox One title to be shown off at the show through the ID@Xbox program, according to Xbox Wire. No press release from the developers or localizers mention console ports, and the game failed to secure the funding for such ports back when it was Kickstarted in 2014.


Such a port would be a very welcome addition to any collection, especially for “Metroidvania” fans. LA-MULANA is simply too intriguing of a franchise to limit it to a single platform, so here’s to hoping that all get on board with the title, Sony and Nintendo included.

As for the original LA-MULANA, or at least the officially sanctioned remake of the free-to-play LA-MULANA, the game is available through Steam and, oddly enough, the Nintendo Wii and PS Vita. It too could use an overhaul and a port on modern consoles.

Anything for those killer tunes on my Nintendo Switch.


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