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Here’s Your First Look at Gotham’s Bane

by Brandon Russell | October 22, 2018October 22, 2018 3:30 pm EDT

How would you like some Bane with your Gotham? An official photo of the famed antagonist has been shared by Entertainment Weekly, and he looks as dangerous and formidable as ever—but different.

The image reveals actor Shane West in full Bane costume with plenty of fiery destruction around him. He looks much less brawler from The Dark Knight Rises and more cyborg in this rendition. And he has a full head of hair.

According to EW, Bane, who will go by Eduardo Dorrance, will be introduced as a former friend of Jim Gordon’s. It’s unclear how he’ll eventually transform into one of Gotham’s most notorious supervillains, but the show will likely share insight into how Dorrance becomes the cyborg Bane.

Recently, Gotham showrunner John Stephens said Bane will be very strong and very angry.

Season five of Gotham is currently in production and will cary on the “No Man’s Land” storyline from the comics. The fifth season will also be the show’s last, and it sure looks like Gotham will wrap up with a bang.




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