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Feel the Final Fantasy VIII Vibes as Rinoa Comes to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

by Ron Duwell | August 19, 2018August 19, 2018 6:30 am EDT

Oh Rinoa… I was always more of a Tifa Lockhart kinda guy back in my younger days, but recent a recent playthrough of Final Fantasy VIII and this trailer for Rinoa Heartily’s appearance in Dissidia Final Fantasy have me questioning the earlier days of my blossoming mind.

Rinoa Heartily is now available in the fan-service soaked Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, bringing her projectile weapons, various outfits, and of course, rocket launcher puppy into the heat of battle with her. A trailer highlights all you need to know about the character, and her character art from Square Enix artist Tetsuya Nomura gives her a new look for the modern age.

Honestly, despite being a raving Final Fantasy fan, I haven’t bought into Dissidia Final Fantasy NT yet. My PlayStation 4 didn’t survive the move from Japan to the United States, and from what I’ve heard, the online servers are barren, leaving the fan-service as the only real reason to play offline.

But man oh man, Square Enix is certainly good at fan-service, isn’t it. How many more characters will they create before coming to an inevitable halt?

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is available now for the PlayStation 4.