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Venom Just Passed Impressive Box Office Milestone, Sequel Inevitable

by Brandon Russell | October 29, 2018October 29, 2018 3:30 pm EDT

Tom Hardy’s spastic, Three Stooges-esque take on Venom didn’t particularly resonate with critics, but the movie is doing extremely well with fans. Since its release at the beginning of October, the movie has earned $500 million at the worldwide box office, with a particularly massive take overseas.

It’s great news for a movie many people wrote off long before it was even made. Looks like we’ll get to see Woody Harrelson’s Carnage on the big screen after all.

Venom has yet to launch in Japan or China, which should help propel the numbers to even greater heights. When all is said and done, Venom may be looking to hit upwards of $700 million, which would make the film an indubitable success.

Sony was hoping Venom would help kickstart a Spider-verse in the same vein as Marvel’s MCU, and now it looks like a sequel is inevitable. With Venom a success at the box office, Sony’s faith in the character looks to have been repaid. It’s not just a matter of if we get a sequel, but when.

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