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Oscar Isaac in talks to play Moon Knight for Disney Plus

by Sean P. Aune | October 26, 2020October 26, 2020 1:52 pm EDT

It seems that Marvel Studios may have found its Moon Knight in the form of Oscar Isaac.


Multiple industry trades released reports on Monday that Oscar Isaac (Ex Machina, Star Wars) is in final talks to play Marc Spector/Moon Knight in the upcoming Moon Knight series on Disney Plus. Jeremy Slater (Umbrella Academy) is on board as head writer on the project.

The Moon Knight character is not your average crime fighter as Marc Spector is an ex-mercenary with multiple personalities. Some times he appears as cabbie Jake Lockley, and other times as millionaire Steven Grant. In later stories it was revealed he was also a conduit for the Egyptian moon god, Khonshu. How powerful he is is also dictated by the phases of the moon.

Moon Knight is just one of many Marvel original series in the works at Disney Plus. WandaVision is due to debut before the end of the year. Ms. Marvel has just found its lead, and depending on who you ask, Tatiana Maslany is onboard to play She-Hulk. (Maslany has denied she has the role, but that is not unusual for Marvel actors) And after delays due to the pandemic, Falcon and the Winter Soldier appears to have finally wrapped production.

No word on when Moon Knight will hit Disney Plus, but our best guess would be that it is a year or more away.


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