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Mattel launches Cave Club, prehistoric best friend dolls

by Sean P. Aune | February 29, 2020February 29, 2020 9:30 am EST

Mattel is going to release an all-new doll line this year that is going to take us back to the very first best friends in history and we’ll be meeting the Cave Club.

In July an animated series will launch on YouTube Kids that will tell us the origins of the Cave Club and all of the various members. This will be followed up by the launch of the dolls in August along with a graphic novel that will tell more of the back story of all the characters.

Each girl will come with distinctive hair, a unique pet, and a character history.

And one girl, Raquel, will only be available with her trusty dino friend as she is a dino-whisperer.

Then, later in the year there will be blind packages that will add even more new dino pets to the line. There will be nine different pets and each of them will come with a slime or sand compound, a new hairpiece for the dolls, and a story.

You will also see new storytelling playets with exclusive dolls that tell you the story of the first house pet, the world’s first babysitter, the first barbecue, and more.

Cave Club is a vibrant, eye-catching line, and we can’t wait to check out those YouTube Kids shows when they’re released in July.



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