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Skyrocket at Toy Fair 2020: Blume springs into another year

by Sean P. Aune | February 26, 2020February 26, 2020 10:17 am EST

Skyrocket had a huge holiday season with its Blume line, and its showing at Toy Fair 2020 shows a company that is set to repeat.

Blume is back with a new series 2 that is called “Fun in the Sun.” This time around the hair color will change in the sunlight or UV light. The hair will also be softer and squishier this time around, and will bloom through the flowerpot faster. The pot will also be larger for more play value and there will be 22 new dolls to find this time around.

The line has also expanded with Blume Baby Bop which sells for $15 and has 5 popping sprouts in each pot along with 25 total surprises. Series 2 will come out later this year and will feature glitter and comes scented with eight different scents.

The Blume family will also expand with Blume Petal Pets that will retail for $7.99. There will be 12 pets in total and will come with a charm that can also double as a leash for the pet.

Wrapping things up will be the Rainbow Sparkle Surprise for $20 that will feature three dolls with a rainbow cloud. Fill it with water and it will rain on the three dolls to make them bloom.

Skyrocket’s owner got a new laberdoodle puppy, and after everyone in the company fell in love with it they created an AI-based version named Moji who will hit stores this year. Moji will respond to voice commands – a Spanish version will launch as well – as well as color-coded cards. Moji will sell for $99.99 from Oct.

Mutators is a new line of Bio-mech warriors with a lot of play value. From digging through slime for the keys to unlock your character, to decoding the chamber opening sequence, there’s a lot of repeat play value to be had. There will be three figures at launch that will retail for $19.99 each starting in Sept.

Wrapping up this year for Skyrocket is Pixel Stars, a digital friend you can take on the go and play mini-games. You’ll earn coins as you go which you can exchange for fashions, new accessories, or more rooms for your virtual home. Best of all, the Pixel Stars has no internet connection and will not collect any data on your child. They will launch in Sept. for $29.99.

It’s going to be a big year for Skyrocket.


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