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PlayMonster at Toy Fair 2020: Snap Ships, Fairy Gardens, and more

by Sean P. Aune | February 27, 2020February 27, 2020 8:30 am EST

PlayMonster had a strong showing at Toy Fair 2020 with its established properties, but the real attention-getter was the all-new Snap Ships line of customizable spaceships.

Snap Ships will give you a full starship you can build in multiple configurations, but with one mystery element. Each Snap Ship will come with a piece of Uju Technology. Each piece of this tech will be randomized and may give your ship a cloaking ability, extra engine boosters, or other such effects.

Before you try different configurations for your ship you’ll be able to try different versions of it in the free app.

Curious if there is a story to go along with all of these ships? You’ll be able to see the fight carry out between the heroic members of the Forge against the evil Complex in a YouTube content series.

Snap Ships will be launching in August.

In expansions to existing properties,  Fuzzikins will be adding new sub-series with Fuzzi Street, Fuzzi Skaters, and Fuzzi Babies. All of them will still keep the washable nature of the original Fuzzikins, so you can color them as you please, wash them, and start over!

The popular My Fairy Garden will be Light Treehouse and Light Garden that will have light features and will work with the current main building.

My Singing Monsters will be getting a series 2 that will not only be to harmonize with other series 2 monsters, but also with those of series 1

Two new games worth mentioning are the entirely new Break In line and Drone Home.

Break In will come in different skill levels and will see you not only have to break in to a location, but then also find a way to break out once you’ve finished that first portion. You will really only get to play through each adventure once, but it is similar to an escape room int hat way.

In Drone Home, you will be playing the parts of aliens trying to board a drone to fly home. Once the first alien lands in the drone a time starts, you then battle to be the only alien in the drone when it launches. From the demo watched, never count your aliens until it leaves the launch pad.

PlayMonster has a lot of fun stuff on the way, but we really can’t wait to spend some time with Snap Ships.



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