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Dr Disrespect loses it playing Gears of War 5

by Jesse Ortiz | September 13, 2019September 13, 2019 10:30 am EDT

Anyone that watches the Dr. Disrespect play anything on Twitch knows about his temper. I mean… it is in his name. But he had a meltdown playing Gears of War 5 that is up there with his biggest explosions.

While playing Gears of War 5 players were spamming him with invites to join their game and well the Doc was not happy with these notifications popping up on his screen. Well, this happened.

Dr. Disrespect then decided to go to Microsoft’s website to try to fix the problem.

He even turned to his chat to help him figure it out after Microsoft’s website wasn’t any help. But he also threatened to ban anybody that gave him help and it didn’t work.

He finally thought he had it fixed but then all of a sudden another notification pops up, and the Doc loses it immediately. He was over it, he punches his desk and storms off camera.

Well, Dr. Disrespect is still one of the top streamers in the game and at least he is still doing his normal thing.


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