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Chrono Trigger’s PC Port Gets its Final Patch and Should Finally Live up to its Reputation

by Ron Duwell | August 7, 2018August 7, 2018 1:30 pm EDT

How do you possibly turn one of the most beloved video games from the past 20, 30, 50, 100… million years into a genuine flop on Steam? Well, Square Enix did just that with the release of Chrono Trigger earlier this year, opting to publish a broken, dirty mobile port that turned the classic into a jumbled mess.

Everything from the awful graphic shaders to the user interface to control issues to even the ugly, unsuitable font disgraced the game’s impeccable legacy as one of the all time greats and pushed fans to warn others not to buy this port.

Square Enix has been paying for it ever since, updating the game slowly to somewhat salvage the port and bring it up to speed. Today marks the final patch the game will be getting, and hopefully, all will be better once fans fire it up. See the patch notes below on what’s fixed.

Latest update contents:

  1. Key binding function implemented
    Key binding functionality for game pad, keyboard and mouse controls has been implemented to improve the game controls.

    • When using a game pad, you can now change some of the button settings from the game menu or title menu by going to settings -> controller settings -> game pad settings.
    • When using a keyboard, you can now change the various key settings from the game menu or title menu by going to settings -> controller settings -> keyboard settings.
    • When using a mouse, you can now click the right mouse button to cancel. You can confirm using a left click, and move characters and cursors by dragging the mouse. Changes to the mouse settings in the operating system will also be reflected in-game.
  2. An extras section has been added!
    This has been added to the title menu. After completing the game, the following sections will be unlocked:

    • Movies
      View all movie scenes from the game
    • Illustrations
      View various illustrations from CHRONO TRIGGER
    • Sound
      Listen to the BGM from the game
    • Endings
      Can view any endings that have been unlocked

    *Only endings that have been unlocked/viewed already will be viewable in the “Endings” option. All other content is unlocked at once.
    *Please be aware that the game completion status prior to the update being applied will not be reflected. In order to unlock the extras and endings, you will need to view the game ending again after the latest update has been installed.

  3. Adjustments to various features
    • The item selection window has been changed to adapt its size to the actual number of items in the player’s possession. Due to this, it is now no longer possible to leave gaps between items in the list.
    • Movement settings have been re-implemented on the config. Screen. When set to “dash” the default movement speed will be running, and holding down the cancel button while moving will make characters walk. The “walk” setting is the opposite configuration.
    • A confirmation dialogue is now shown when selecting “return to default” from the config screen.
    • It is now possible to use direct keyboard input when entering names.
    • A confirmation dialogue is now displayed when confirming entered names. If characters unable to be displayed in-game are used when entering a name, this can be checked when the dialogue is shown.
    • The Simplified Chinese font used has been changed from the devices standard font, to one that better fits the aesthetic of the game.
  4. Bug fixes
    • Issues where the game would sometimes not boot correctly on PCs with specific graphics cards installed has been fixed.
    • Issues where some graphics and effects would not display correctly at specific screen sizes has been fixed.
    • Several minor bugs have been fixed.

This will be the final major update in a series that began after the game’s release in February 2018.

The project staff would sincerely like to thank everyone for their opinions and feedback during this time. Please keep supporting the Steam edition of CHRONO TRIGGER.

Are you prepared to trust the update? Many of the fans have changed their reviews over the past few days, hinting that the game now runs much better than before. Many of the Negative reviews have been updated, giving the game a Mixed overall impression but a Mostly Positive shift since the patch went up.

However, I’m not going to bother with the PC port. I’m perfectly fine with the supreme Nintendo DS version Square Enix made a few years back since I know it works and flawlessly allows me to bring the game as I remember it with me wherever I go.

This will be my definitive version… until Square Enix brings it to the Switch, of course.