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Care Bear Interactive Figures Hands-On – An old friend gets an upgrade

by Sean P. Aune | November 15, 2020November 15, 2020 1:33 pm EST

The Care Bears are back, and now not only can you play with them, but they can play with one another as well.

The new Care Bears Unlock the Magic Interactive Figures are 5-inch figures that bring some of your favorite Care Bears to life.

First, a primer for Basic Fun about these new interactive figures.

As the company shows, the Care Bears have animated heads as well as various touchpoints for interactivity. And, of course, those large symbols on their chests are the primary place to get everything going.

Each figure also comes with a color-coordinated coin for the Bear you purchase with a saying on the back that corresponds to their theme. For instance, Grumpy Bear’s coin says, “Forgive a friend who was grumpy to you.”

Care Bears Interactive Play

Each Bear has two modes: A single Bear mode and a multiple Bear mode. In single Bear mode you can play with it one-on-one, but if you flip over to the other mode they will begin to interact with one another. We shot a brief video showing this play.

The main note I want to point out here is that the Bears recognize each other and greeted one another by name. There was absolutely no setup involved in that. We simply switched over to the multiple Bear mode and they immediately recognized one another. Having worked in consumer electronics coverage for years, I was impressed. Considering you can find these as cheap as $12.99 at Walmart, it was a more seamless experience than I’ve found with some high-end phones.

While you certainly can go with just one of these Care Bears Unlock the Magic Interactive Figures, we’re going to say you should just go for two of them immediately. They are just too much fun to have them talking and singing with one another.

A great new addition to the world of Care Bears, and it makes us want to get all six of them to see what happens when you have that many interacting at once.

Disclaimer: Basic Fun sent a pair of the Care Bears to The Nerdy for use in this post.

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