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Amazon sets time period of its Lord of the Rings series

by Sean P. Aune | March 8, 2019March 8, 2019 11:30 am EST

Amazon is finally starting to giving out some very basic info about its Lord of the Rings prequel series. While the stories we all know and love are set in what is known as the Third Age, Amazon has confirmed its stories will be set in the Second Age.

This time period spanned 3,441 years, so there is a lot of potential stories to be told, but there are some pretty obvious ones to hit.

Also known as “The Age of Númenor” – an island located in the southwestern corner of the map above – this was a time when the gods made an island as a gift for men. Later it would be destroyed as man defied the laws of the Middle-earth gods, the Valar.

This is also the time in which Sauron forged the Ring of Power, and the elves, dwarves, and humans teamed up for the first time to combat him. It is also during this time that Rivendell was founded as the home of the elves, adding another layer to the time frame.

There is a ton of story to be told here and it could easily go on for seasons. Why exactly did the Valar gift men with Númenor? How did Sauron come to forge the ring?

With the time period now set, this series is far more intriguing than just a few years before Bilbo takes the journey or stories of a young Aragon as some rumors had suggested. Jumping back thousands of years gives the series a lot more freedom of what to work with.

No timeline has been announced as of yet for the premiere of the series.



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