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Star Wars LEAK: Episode IX To Debut Yet Another Superweapon

by Danny Zepeda | October 31, 2018October 31, 2018 5:30 pm EDT

Star Wars movies have a thing for superweapons and Episode IX won’t be any different.

When the first Star Wars movie debuted in 1977, Luke, Han and Leia banded together to stop the Empire and the Death Star. By Return of the Jedi, the Empire was working on another Death Star before it was taken down again. Thirty years later, the First Order was in charge and it too made Starkiller Base.

According to a new leak, Star Wars: Episode IX will needlessly follow the same cliche and use yet another superweapon to torment the universe. A supposed concept art description leaked and it details what sounds a lot like a new superweapon to destroy entire planets.

Kylo Ren inside his throne room, assumed to be the headquarters of the First Order, viewing a hologram form a device held in his hand. Kylo appears to be examining three large super weapons that are in a cylindrical shape with an enormous engine on each side of each super weapon of this ship/weapon, destroying terrain on a planet. The engine burner is colored red and the blast from the bottom of these three massive weapons is colored blue, impacting a surface causing astronomical destruction. Parts of the weapon seem to be under construction and not finished.

The superweapon sounds a whole lot like the World Destroyer from the extended universe. The Star Wars Wiki (Wookiepeedia) has a great breakdown of the World Destroyer with images, but the gist is that they are huge machines that are dropped onto the surface of a planet and then tearing the planet apart.

There is a lot of discussion regarding whether the World Destroyer is deadlier than the Death Star, but that’s a discussion for another time. The main takeaway is that J.J. Abrams and crew are bringing back the superweapon again and it’s rather disappointing.

It’s been used three times already in Star Wars movies. Let’s just move on and focus on other weapons the First Order can use to hunt down the Resistance.



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