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Silent Hill 2 Secrets Discovered 17 Years After its Original Release

by Ron Duwell | August 1, 2018August 1, 2018 9:30 am EDT

Silent Hill 2 is a classic of the survival horror genre. Tucked in between its psychological thrills and foggy atmosphere, the game is loaded with all of the secrets of a Metal Gear Solid game, and even to this days, players are still uncovering new data within.

A recent discovery in the PlayStation 2 version is a shining example of how the internet has accelerated the flow of information and yet disrupted the time-honored tradition of “secrets,” if I can even use the word anymore. 17 years after the horror classic was released, data miner @punk_7890 uncovered two new codes within the game, one which allows players to access the mini-map in the corner of the screen and the other which lets players save anywhere they like.

Man, Silent Hill 2. I need to hear Theme of Laura really quick…

Good stuff.

Kudos to Konami for keeping this silent for all this time. Granted, the complex codes were probably intended for the developers only, but this is just an example of how gamers once were forced to find secrets on their own, or at least through word of mouth on the recess playground or tucked away in tomes of magazines.

Nowadays, publishers can’t wait to spoil their Easter Eggs, sharing them with streamers for promotion, who then use them to promote their channels. Just recently, headlines for Octopath Traveler had Square Enix not only spoiling that its (excellent) game has four secret job classes but also telling people how to straight up find them.

Geez, Square Enix. At least give me the chance to buy a strategy guide!



Ron Duwell