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Doom Eternal looks like a bloody blast – and releases this November

by Eric Frederiksen | June 10, 2019June 10, 2019 12:30 pm EDT

One of the best surprises of 2016 was the release of id Software’s Doom. After years of Doom 4 sitting in development hell, being restarted, scrapped, and restarted, the team got on track by going back to basics. Don’t call it a remake, don’t call it a sequel. It was just Doom. And it was great. Now, the team behind Doom is back with Doom Eternal, announced last year and ready for release this November.

Doom Eternal mixes things up in just about every way. Where Doom was set on Mars and in Hell, Doom Eternal will take you “from Heaven to Hell to the Sentinel homeworld and beyond,” according to director Marty Stratton. Earth is somewhere in there, too. The Doom Slayer has upgraded his move set as well, with climbing and mantling, a grappling hook that specifically hooks into enemies, new dashing and jumping, and apparently other options they haven’t revealed yet. There are also powerful-looking new guns, fun new enemies, and everything else you’d expect (in a good way) from a sequel.

Doom Eternal hits PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 22, 2019.


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