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Zuru announces 5 Surprise Mini Fashion capsules

by Sean P. Aune | December 22, 2021December 22, 2021 8:30 am EST

Zuru is expanding its popular 5 Surprise product line with a whole new series called Mini Fashion.

5 Surprise has been selling out at stores for several years now, and now a whole new series is on the way. Mini Fashion will launch series 1 on Dec. 26 exclusively from Walmart. This new series will launch with over two-dozen intricately detailed and fully functional handbags and clutch purses made with soft fabrics, fine-stitching and working compartments, and stylish fashion accessories like sunglasses and jewelry to collect.

“Fashion is all about mixing the hottest trends with those timeless classics, and with 5 Surprise being the ultimate trend in collectibles – this new series of miniature functioning handbags was an obvious next step for us,” said Aneisha Vieira, Global Brand Director of ZURU. “Each capsule includes a hand-stitched fabric bag that’s fully functional, with stunning fine details, and other fashion accessories, and with an eye towards sustainability, we are proud to introduce a new more eco-friendly capsule.”

Zuru provided The Nerdy with one of the capsules to check out ahead of the launch, and the level of detail in the handbag blew us away. From the detailed stitching to the magnetic closure, everything about this miniature seemed way more expensive and nicer than you would expect to find in a toy. If you’re looking for some new fashion accessories for your dolls, or just want a nice collection on your shelves, it will be hard to go wrong with this new series.

Mini Fashion will be hitting shelves on Dec. 26.


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