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Solo: A Star Wars Story Deleted Scene Features Gross Han and Qi’ra Escape

by Danny Zepeda | September 9, 2018September 9, 2018 7:30 am EDT

Sometimes you have to do gross stuff just to escape a bunch of henchman that are trying to kill you. At least that’s what Han Solo and Qi’ra did in the first deleted scene for Solo: A Star Wars Story.

We already know the latest Star Wars movie didn’t fare too well in theaters, but it was still an entertaining movie that served up more than a few set pieces that really caught our attention. The main story revolves around Han Solo and his love interest, Qi’ra, who at the beginning of the movie are trying to elude Lady Proxima’s henchmen after they’ve stolen some coaxium.

The final version of the movie we saw in theaters was a little more direct, though it was filled with at least one detour the duo took. In the deleted scene that comes with the Blu-ray of Solo, Han and Qi’ra are trying to get the henchmen off their trail but they are doing a real bad job of it, which is when they stumble upon barrels of disgusting eels and Qi’ra suggests they jump in.

Naturally Han declines the offer because it’s quite disgusting, but she eventually convinces him and they even share a romantic moment while in the barrels. It was likely a nod to the trash compactor scene in the original Star Wars given the similarities.

However, the scene does little to expand upon the two characters that we don’t already know. Earlier scenes set up the dynamic between Han and Qi’ra, making the scene somewhat repetitive and cuttable which is exactly what Ron Howard did.

You can see the scene for yourself in the video above.

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