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Nancy Drew holds a seance in the latest episode photos

by Sean P. Aune | November 14, 2019November 14, 2019 8:30 am EST

Nancy Drew is heading back to full-on supernatural fun in the latest episode photos.

The CW has released photos for the seventh episode of Nancy Drew, “The Tale of the Fallen Sea Queen.” Nancy and “The Drew Crew” (The CW called them that, not us…) are going to hold a seance to get to the bottom of the murders in Horseshoe Bay.

TRUTH – Believing that solving Lucy’s murder will lead to solving Tiffany’s murder, the Drew Crew resolves to find a way to speak with the only eyewitness to both murders-Dead Lucy herself. To prepare for this incredibly risky séance, they set off to investigate the last few hours of Lucy Sable’s life. Ultimately, they confront Dead Lucy in a horrifying séance, and Nancy (Kennedy McMann) is faced with a truth that seems to validate her greatest fear.

Nancy Drew continues to suck us in, but we had no clue it was going to be so supernatural. We’re digging it, though.

Nancy Drew episode 107 will air on Nov. 20.



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