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JunkBots Review: Let your imagination run wild

by Sean P. Aune | September 6, 2020September 6, 2020 4:05 pm EDT

Are Hexbug’s new JunkBots more fun than a real dumpster? We’re going dumpster diving with our JunkBots review!

We first saw JunkBots at Toy Fair 2020, and we loved the concept. Plastic dumpsters filled with “junk” that you would get to mix and match and bring them to life. And thanks to Hexbug’s background in robotics, you knew they would have something up their sleeve with these robotic friends.

There are 36 different robots in the line that you purchase in plastic toy dumpsters. Single packs sell for $4.99, a dual pack with one power module goes for $9.99, and a four-pack with two power modules for $19.99. The line will launch in the fall and will be found at all major retailers.

Hexbug sent us over the “4 Bots” dumpster to check out, and we have to admit it was just as much fun as we expected.

First off, you need to open the “chained up” dumpster and inside you will discover an assortment of cardboard “garbage” to sort through. This actually is our biggest complaint about the presentation as you need to make sure to watch out for little plastic pieces hiding amongst the cardboard.

You will also find “garbage” bags filled with more parts as well as your movement and light up modules.

Once you have everything out you will find little slips of papers showing you what the completed bots should look like.

At first we kept trying to reproduce them exactly, but then we realized there is just no fun in that. You should get creative and explore. We did shoot photos before we pulled them apart and just started building whatever struck our fancy.

This is a toy that excels at teaching problem-solving skills while also working on your imagination. There’s a lot of educational value here without your kids catching on too much, and isn’t that always the best way to get them to engage?

From the opening experience to building, JunkBots provides a lot of play value for the dollar. With kids continuing to stay home this fall, this seems like a winning choice for playtime no matter what the age.

Disclaimer: Hexbug provided us with JunkBot sets for the purposes of this review. We opened and assembled the items fully before beginning our review.


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