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Arcade1Up at Toy Fair 2020: It’s all about the Jam

by Sean P. Aune | March 1, 2020March 1, 2020 8:30 am EST

Arcade1UP has had great success with its miniaturized arcade cabinets, but it’s going to be breaking new ground in 2020.

NBA Jam is a big focus for the company this year, and it’s bringing a new feature with it. Part of the fun of the game was competing with friends, but imagine if your friend now lives in a different state? Well, if you both buy the cabinet, you’ll now be able to compete online against each other with the feel of a real arcade cabinet.

Yes, Wi-Fi support is coming for NBA Jam. You can play offline as well, but if you want to play against your friends over a long distance or even locally, you’ll be able to compete. And if you want to play against random people, you can do that as well.

No word yet on this coming to other future cabinets, but if this one is a success we won’t be a bit surprised.

And, yes, that was a gigantic NBA Jam on display in their booth. We even saw a child kneeling on the controllers, it was that big.

Other notable items in the Arcade1UP booth this year included the 40th edition Pac-Man with eight games.

Did the Star Wars game excite you when it was announced? Remember when you could sit to play it? Well, Arcade1UP will be bringing that home as well.

And now, for the first time, pinball is on the way in a digital form.

By the time Arcade1Up is done, you’ll have the equivalent of a full arcade in your home and we can’t wait for that.



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