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Amazon renews Carnival Row and The Expanse, Cancels others

Amazon attended the summer Critics Associations presentations this weekend, and there was a lot of information coming out of the event.

First up, Amazon is on a pre-debut renewal spree it seems. While we had already heard that The Boys had been renewed for season 2 but for season 1 debuted, and Carnival Row has received the same treatment. The series debuts on Aug. 30, but season 2 is already renewed for the Orlando Blook and Cara Delevingne fantasy series.

Also picked up was season 5 of The Expanse. Season 1 through 3 aired on Syfy, and then it was canceled. Amazon picked it up for a season 4 two weeks later, and has already renewed it for season 5 ahead of the Dec. 13 release date.

Not everything was good news, however. Amazon canceled Forever and Lore as well throughout the presentation.

In far off productions, Amazon has tapped James Wan (Aquaman) to direct Amazon’s reboot of I Know What You Did Last Summer. The new take on the story is said to be setup as a “YA horror series,” which makes it sound like it may be similar to MTV’s Scream series.

It sounds like Amazon may finally be finding its groove with its original programming. Or at least it knows a general direction it wants to go.



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