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Venom’s Home Release Will Feature More Carnage (UPDATED)

by Brandon Russell | November 6, 2018November 6, 2018 5:30 pm EST

UPDATE: The Nerdy has received information that this is not the confirmed list of special features for the home video release. Original post follows, but do not take the list of features as fact.

The best part of the Venom movie wasn’t when Eddie Brock made out with the symbiote or when Brock refused to jump out of a skyscraper window. The most entertaining part was at the end, when Brock went to San Quentin to interview an inmate.

That inmate was Cletus Kasady (a.k.a. Carnage), who was played by Woody Harrelson wearing a decidedly insane Shirley Temple wig. Harrelson played the maniacal character to perfection in his short cameo, which teased the arrival of Carnage in a sequel. The only bad thing is that Harrelson’s appearance was so brief.

Luckily, the home release of Venom will apparently feature more footage of Harrelson as Kasady. According to a list of Blu-ray extras, fans will get an extended look at the character and his fiery curls. That in and of itself makes picking up Venom on Blu-ray worth it.

Venom hit theaters about a month ago, so it’ll be a while before the home release is available. With the special features undergoing review, hopefully it means we’ll get a release date sooner rather than later.

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