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Hot Toys R2-D2 Deluxe Version is Insanity

by Sean P. Aune | November 3, 2018November 3, 2018 10:30 am EDT

Have you ever noticed how as the Star Wars movies went on R2-D2 got more and more tools and accessories? Well, Hot Toys noticed and decided we needed all of them in one toy. With all of them out in the open it is just a bit silly, but also awesome at the same time.

The 1/6 scale R2-D2 Deluxe Version features multiple LEDs and sound effects that can be controlled via the included remote. No price has been announced yet, and release is expected between the third and fourth quarters of 2019.

  • Authentic and detailed likeness of R2-D2 in Star Wars Trilogy
  • Meticulously crafted diecast metal dome
  • Greatly detailed mechanical construction with 10 points of articulations
  • Specially applied weathering effects
  • Remote controlled LED light-up functions (8 sets of LED light up points, battery operated)
  • Remote controlled sound effect function featuring 14 iconic R2-D2 sounds (battery operated)
  • Special features including:
  • One (1) pair of articulated terrain tread legs
  • One (1) articulated and retractable center tread leg
  • One (1) extending periscope
  • Approximately 18cm tall


  • Twelve (12) pieces of arms (some equipped with magnetic function):
    • One (1) life-form scanner
    • One (1) computer terminal arm
    • Two (2) lock pick arms
    • One (1) repair arm
    • Two (2) multi-function utility and interface arms
    • One (1) pair of computer interface arms
    • One (1) utility arm
    • One (1) utility saw
    • One (1) universal computer interface arm
  • One (1) Death Star plans data card
  • One (1) lightsaber hilt
  • One (1) LED light-up small lamp with cable (yellow light, battery operated)
  • One (1) hologram figure of Princess Leia (standing pose, approximately 7 cm)
  • One (1) hologram figure of Princess Leia (bending pose, approximately 5.5cm)
  • One (1) LED light-up base for hologram figures (battery operated)
  • One (1) infrared remote control for R2-D2’s sound effect and LED light-up functions (battery operated)


Sean P. Aune

Sean Aune has been a pop culture aficionado since before there was even a term for pop culture. From the time his father brought home Amazing