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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Coming West in 2019

by Ron Duwell | November 2, 2018November 2, 2018 11:30 am EDT

Dragon Quest is once again coming West. Square Enix continues to spoil you lucky, lucky kids with Dragon Quest Builders 2, reportedly coming to North America in 2019 for the Nintendo Switch.

Back in my day, we used to have to beg Square Enix for Dragon Quest games. Nowadays, they can’t give ’em to us fast enough!

The report comes to us from Nintendo, via Siliconera, who lists the game on a financial report detailing video game launches for the next year. Square Enix hasn’t made any official announcements yet, but the leak suggests Nintendo is prepping for it to be coming to the United States in 2019.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is due for release in Japan on Dec. 20, and it is also coming to the PlayStation 4, which we can assume will also be released in the Western world.

Dragon Quest Builders was first released in Japan in 2016 and was one of the first in a wave of Dragon Quest games that finally helped solidify the series in North America after three decades of poor financial success.

Earlier this year, the eccentric and addictive blend of JRPG, Minecraft, and Akira Toriyama art found a new home on the Nintendo Switch, where its portability granted it new life and accessibility for audiences around the world. making it the definitive version. We loved the original game, and can’t wait for the sequel. Hopefully, Square Enix has something official for us in the coming weeks… and then more news on Dragon Quest XI for the Switch in English as well.

Oh my blood… it’s starting to steam. Demanding Dragon Quest games in English is almost as nostalgic as playing the games themselves!