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Umihawa Kawase Getting a New Game on the Nintendo Switch

by Ron Duwell | September 11, 2018September 11, 2018 9:30 am EDT

If fishing poles, platforming physics, obtuse mazes, conveyor belts, surreal sea monsters, and pink backpacks are your thing, there is a game on the horizon just for you. Umihara Kawase Fresh! has been announced for the Nintendo Switch, and more information is due at Tokyo Game Show 2018.

So far, no information has been announced other than the game will be a “Rubbering Action Game,” and it is being developed by a new studio called Success.

Expect more information on Sept. 20 when Tokyo Game Show 2018 kicks off for four days at Makuhari Messi in Chiba, Japan.

For those who don’t know Umihara Kawase, the cult-hit platformer turned up as a true Holy Grail of the emulation scene back in the late 1990s. The lost Super Famicom classic would have never been uncovered in the Western world without fan participation, and thanks to their efforts, the game and its sequels are all available through official releases on Steam and the PS Vita.

Perfect example of how illegal emulation can create a market for lost games.

As described above, the game uses complex physics and conveyor belts to build a maze of grueling platforming stages. The titular hero must use her fishing pole both as a grappling hook to traverse the complex stages and as a weapon to capture sea creatures and toss them into her backpack.

It’s as goofy as it sounds, and every bit enjoyable as one of the Super Famicom’s best platformers.