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Stranger Things 4 Vol 2 trailer – Hawkins will fall

by Sean P. Aune | June 21, 2022June 21, 2022 11:06 am EDT

A new Stranger Things 4 Vol 2 trailer has arrived, and it seems that things might not work out this time.


Stranger Things 4 was broken into two parts, and now we’re just over a week away from the conclusion. The final volume will consist of two episodes that will have an accumulated run time of over four hours.

Judging by what we see in the new trailer, it looks as though things will not be going smoothly for any of the various teams wherever they may be in the world.

It looks as though we’ll be spending time in both Hawkins and the Upside Down. It should be interesting to see how everyone handles a world filled with nothing but things that want to kill you.

No word yet on when Stranger Things 5 will debut, but it’s clear we’re preparing for the end of this saga.

Stranger Things 4 Vol 2 will debut on July 1.


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