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Spin Master at Toy Fair 2020: Candylocks, Hatchimals, and more

by Sean P. Aune | March 3, 2020March 3, 2020 8:30 am EST

We’ve already covered Spin Master’s boy’s toys that were shown at Toy Fair 2020, and now it’s time to turn to the other side of the booth and the girl’s toys.

When you walk into Spin Master’s booth at Toy Fair, if you turn right, you find all of the lines like Batman and Bakugan. When you turn left, things are a bit more colorful and you see lines such as Hatchimals and Candylocks. While we cruised through the boy’s lines quickly, we let our tour guide know in no uncertain terms that we also wanted to check out the latest girls lines as well.

First up was Candylocks, one of the big hits of the 2019 holiday shopping season. Not much is changing this year with the successful line, and that’s totally fine with us. The dolls will see the addition of new friends this year and transition to a popsicle package. They will also have a felt strand of hair this year that you can add jewelry to. There will be over 40 dolls this year. The dolls will retail for $9.99.

Next up are the new Candylocks Pets. You’ll be able to pick them up individually in a blind package for $4.99 and there will be over 20 to collect. However, if you are just jumping into the Candylocks world, you can pick up a doll and pet set for $12.99.

Hatichmals are slowly going to take over the world. We’re confident of this. The line seems to change every time we look and it has morphed even further this year.

From Hatchipets to the Colleggtibles, you can ease into the world of Hatchimals this year. The Pixies are out in full force this year with Pixies Cosmic Candy and the Cosmic Candy Shop. They will then be joined by the really impressive looking Hatchimals Pixie Riders which will include fantastical beasts for them to ride.

Wrapping things up will be the Hatchimals Pixies Crystal Flyers. These new grown up Pixies will come in eggs and you can then charge them up and let them fly. Thanks to IR sensors in her feet, you will be able to guide her flight. The wings are soft and stop immediately should they hit anything like your arm.

Outside of Candylocks and Hatchimals, there will be a lot of other items to keep you entertained this year.

Rainbow Jellies is an activity kit that will let you build and customize your own squishy pal. You can determine what eyes and hair it has as well as more fun things.

Twisty Girls are still going strong and they will be joined by the Twisty Petz. Are they dolls or are they jewelry? Why not both?

Finally, Uni Verse will be a collection of over 40 different unicorns that come in water dissolvable packaging. The unicorns will come from different cities, each with their own theme, so get ready to do a lot of chasing!

Spin Master looks set to have one heck of a year, and we can’t wait to see what comes out on top.



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